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Terms and conditions

If you are using the products and services offered by website you agree with the terms and conditions written below.


a. This website is the property of SC EXPLO MEDIA ROM SRL. Accessing the site or any part of it requires your tacit agreement with the following terms. The User Agreement runs between you and SC EXPLO MEDIA ROM SRL.

b. SC EXPLO MEDIA ROM SRL can change the website structure and content at anytime.

c. Website browsing represents your agreement with SC EXPLO MEDIA ROM SRL rules.

d. The means of using this site is governed by laws, rules and conditions as those stipulated below.


a. All published photographs and information (generic named CONTENT) are protected by the following incidental provisions: Law no. 8/1996, with further changes and additions  - regarding copy-rights and other related rights, Law no. 84/1998 – regarding marks and geographical indications and Law no. 129/1992 , re-published – regarding industrial plans and patterns. The absence of mentions regarding some legal texts or provisions doesn’t signify that these will not be applied.

b. The Site and its Content are protected by the Romanian copy-right Law and by the regulations regarding copyright applied in other territories than Romania. You cannot copy, store, modify or transfer with any title, parts or the entire Site and/or Content. Browsing is free with the condition of no commercial activity being involved and respecting the terms imposed by SC EXPLO MEDIA ROM SRL.

c. Any attempt of copying, storing, modifying and/or transmitting the Content is forbidden without a preliminary written agreement of SC EXPLO MEDIA ROM SRL.


a. All rights reserved. The users can download and print Content of this site only for personal and non-commercial usage.

b. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, modify, create complete derived components and also other means to exploit the CONTENT of website.

c. The usage in any form of the images posted on this site is forbidden without an agreement between the user and the owner based on a cession contract of usage rights.

d. No image, part of the website or site’s graphics cannot be copied, modified, re-published or used in any way without the owner’s agreement.

e. Any unauthorized usage of site’s information (photos, graphics, texts) is submissive to the Romanian present laws and will be punished as such.


a. The means of using the stored pictures by users is done by complying with Law no.8/1996 regarding copy-rights and other related laws from buyers’ origin countries.

b. Advertising agencies, publishing houses, publishers and individual designers can make use of the photographs from the site’s stock section to create graphic and layouts designated to third parties only using images marked with “watermark”. These pictures are not charged as long as they are used as offer support for them.

c. The usage of the photograph images from stock section can be made only based on a written cession contract of usage rights between SC EXPLO MEDIA ROM SRL and the beneficiary, based on the general price offer and the means of pictures usage.

d. All rights on the photographic images of this site are managed by the owner.



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